Minerals in your life

Minerals in your life

A new book unveiling the secrets of minerals, from the Earth to your daily life

On March 25, at the Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Art de Belgique, Fabrizia Benini, member of the Cabinet of the European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, launched the new EuroGeoSurveys book entitled "Minerals in your life", during the EuroGeoSurveys General Meeting – an event that brings together the Directors General of the National Geological Surveys from around Europe as well as distinguished international guests.

After a short introduction of what the minerals are and an overview on the importance of the minerals for European economy, the book leads the reader through one adventurous dayof the cartoon protagonist, Norman, while showing the minerals used in very common objects of our everyday life, from paper to shampoo, from a bike to a television. Simple actions such as turning on the light or brushing our teeth require minerals: copper and aluminium for our electricity cables, calcium carbonate in our toothpaste.

But what is surprising is that many of the uses and properties of the minerals are not well known. Everyone knows that gold is used for ornamental objects, but many people may ignore that gold is also used in recent high-tech medical instruments. Likewise, amber is used not only in jewelry but also for respiratory disease care, as well as for repelling pesky insects. There is no end to the list.

Mart van Bracht, EuroGeoSurveys President has said "If we had no minerals, we would be back in the Stone Age… or actually to the age before, because stone is made of minerals too, they are essential for our existence”.

Many people will know that minerals are important to us, but probably not exactly how and certainly not to what extent. A person consumes and uses on average 16 tons of minerals every year. Our modern society is totally dependent on minerals. They are essential for renewable «green» energy and the infrastructures needed for sustainable communities. By 2050, the world population is predicted to reach almost 10 billion and the demand for natural resources will also increase from 45 billion tonnes to 140 billion tonnes.

This educational and entertaining book is the result of a collaboration of an international pool of Europe's top geologists, from 29 different European countries. Each National Geological Survey described one mineral that is typical in their country.There is a whole world behind minerals that the book will introduce to you. Whatever curiosities you may have on minerals, "Minerals in your life" satisfies them with an approach that it is as scientifically precise as entertaining.

EuroGeoSurveys (EGS),The Geological Surveys of Europe, is a not-for-profit organisation representing 32 National Geological Surveys and some regional Surveys in Europe, an overall workforce of several thousand experts.




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