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                                                    CRUISE – Pseudozyma spp based

                                          biorefinery: Membrane bioreactors for

                                                     production of aviation fuel and
                                                                        for bioremediation
             Unidade de Bioenergia               biosurfactants


       Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia

                                      Concerns with sustainability, increases in CO  emissions and oil price volatility
                                      encourage the development of bio-based economy based on more sustainable
                                      products.  One  of  the  objectives  is  to  decrease  dependence  on  oil  and
          Contacts                    petrochemicals. This project aims to impact positively on this effort towards a
                                      bio-economy,  for  that  it  is  envisage  the  development  of  a  novel  technology,
          Cristina Oliveira           exploiting the natural features of microorganisms as cell factories.

          UB – Bioenergy Unit

          Laboratório Nacional de
                                      The  CRUISE  project  aims  to  develop  a  novel  technology  able  to  produce
          Energia e Geologia, I.P.    both  a  versatile  BIOSURFACTANT  and  a  BIOFUEL  FOR AVIATION  from  the
                                      same  biomolecule  (MEL  –  Mannosylerythritol  Lipids),  based  in  the  same
          Estrada do Paço do Lumiar,   bioproduction process and using lignocellulosic materials as substrates.
                                      In particular, CRUISE objectives are:
          22, Edif. G – r/c
                                      1. To  gain  insights  on  the  effect  of  main  parameters  impacting  on  MEL
          1649-038 Lisboa, Portugal
                                         production from lignocellulosic substrates

                                      2. To develop a novel scalable process, integrating bioreactors and up and
          Tel.:+351 210 924 600 – Ext 4353
                                         down stream stages, for MEL production.

                                      3. To assess the use of MEL as biosurfactant for cleaning agent products
      and as oil mobilization.
                                      4. To develop an efficient process for MEL conversion by hydrogenation
          Partnership                    and transesterification as fuel molecules.

                                     Task 1: Study the main   Task 2: Development of a    Task 3:
                                     parameters impacting on   novel scalable process,    Assessing MEL
          Project duration           MEL production and       integrating bioreactors and up   applications as
                                     developing advanced      and down stream stages, for   bio-surfactant
          May 2016 – April 2019      biological monitoring tools   MEL production.        and precursor
                                                                                          of fuel for
                                     Task 1.1 Implementing    Task 2.1. Reactor           aviation.
          Project Co-Funded by:      monitoring tools:        configuration and
                                     transcripts analyse,     optimization of enzymatic   Task 3.1.
                                     protein activities, NMR   hydrolyse and MEL Production   MELs as
                                     Task 1.2 Application of   Task 2.2.  Up and downstream   precursor of
                                     tools to fundamentals    stages and process integration   biofuel
                                     studies                  Task 2.3. Initial economic
                                     Task 1.3 Screening       assessment and data         Task 3.2.
                                     conditions and estimation   gathering for environmental   Bio-surfactant
                                     of enzymatic and yeast   assessment                  activity
                                     culture parameters
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