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                                        New technology and
                                        strategy for a large and

             Unidade de Bioenergia      sustainable deployment

                                        of second generation
                                         biofuel in rural areas

       Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia

                                      Project Motivation

          Francisco Gírio             The main aim of BABET-REAL5 is to develop an alternative solution for the
                                      production of second generation ethanol based on smaller industrial scale
          Susana Marques
                                      than the already realised plants of first generation ethanol. Such plants of

                                      small industrial scale shall be applicable to a large number of countries, rural
          UB – Bioenergy Unit         areas and feedstock.
          Laboratório Nacional de Energia e
          Geologia, I.P.              This  approach  will  definitely  enlarge  the  scope  of  biomass  feedstock
                                      exploitable for the production of biofuel and create better conditions for the
          Estrada do Paço do Lumiar 22,
                                      deployment of production sites, to the benefit of rural areas in Europe and
          Edif. F – R/C
          1649-038 Lisboa


          Tel.: +351 210 924 721
                                      The  target  of  BABET-REAL5  is  to  reach  technical,  environmental  and

                                      economical  viabilities  in  second  generation  ethanol  production  units
     processing at least 30,000 tons equivalent dry biomass per year. The project
      has the following specific objectives:

                                       Achieve favorable techno-economic and environmental performances for

                                      the production of second generation ethanol in small-scale industrial plants.

                                       Identify feedstock with sustainable and reliable supply conditions for the

                                      evaluation   and   selection   of   business   cases   leading   to

                                      demonstration/flagship plants after the project.
          Project Co-Funded by:
                                       Preparation of all the necessary data for the selected business cases so
                                      that the new technology can be realistically evaluated and scaled-up at the
                                      end  of  the  project  to  TRL  6-7  (technology  demonstrated  in  industrially
                                      relevant  environment  -  system  prototype  demonstration  in  operational


                                       Pretreatment
                                       Modular design
                                       Sustainability
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