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                                      AMBITION: Advanced biofuel production

                                      with energy system integration

             Unidade de Bioenergia    AMBITION  is  an  H2020  European  project  focussed  on  the  creation  of  an
                                      European  Common  Research  and  Innovation  Agendas  (ECRIA)  to  get
                                      transnational  critical  mass  of  research  capacity  in  biofuels  area  by
                                      combining National and European funding and addressing the integration of

       Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia   energy systems.


          Contacts                    A key challenge in the European energy system is the fragmentation of (R&D

          Francisco Gírio             efforts  on)  various  forms  of  energy  production,  energy  carriers,  storage
                                      solutions and consumer demand. Due to the fragmentation in the energy
          Florbela Carvalheiro
                                      system and the increasing share of intermittent energy, there is a growing
                                      demand for solutions providing integration and flexibility in the system. This
          UB - Unidade de Bioenergia   project targets the challenge of system flexibility by integrating (i.e. creating
          Laboratório Nacional de
          Energia e Geologia, I.P.    a  bridge  between)  two  forms  of  energy  carriers,  e.g.  grid  electricity  and
                                      biofuels.  Further,  CO   from  current  energy  systems  and  industrial
          Estrada do Paço do Lumiar, Nº   production need to be utilized as a carbon source in cost efficient systems
          22, Edif. F – R/C           as  an  alternative  to  sequestration.  These  integration  approaches  create
          1649-038 Lisboa, Portugal
                                      flexibility between  intermittent  electricity  production  and  sustainable  fuel

          Tel.: 351 210 924 721       production, and thus optimise the valorisation of peak renewable electricity
          Tel.: 351 210 924 713       and  at  the  same  time,  enable  the  production  of  sustainable  biofuels  at
                                      economically competitive conditions from alternative carbon sources. This
                                      bridge between the two energy systems shall improve the security of supply

     of  renewable  electricity  and  transportation  fuels  and  thus  address  a  key
   concern in the European energy policy

          Project Co-Funded by:

                                                               Current Reserach organization
                                                              Biomass                  Solar / Wind

                                          individual  Value Chains  Biochemical  Thermochemical  Intermittent power generation

                                                     Pre-treatment  Gasification

                                          Research along  isolated  Fermentation  Syngas conversion  Generation  Storage

                                                      Separation    Separation

                                                              Biofuel             Hydrogen   Electricity
                                                   Value Chain 1   Value Chain 2  Value Chain 3  Value Chain 4

                                                     Potential inter-energy system integrations
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