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4th SFERA-III Training Course for Industry

4th SFERA-III Training Course for Industry
alarmData de Publicação: 14 outubro, 2022Categoria: Investigação , Notícias Internacionais

Free on-site training for Industries on molten salt CSP systems using linear solar collectors

The 4th SFERA-III Training Course for Industry was organised by ENEA from 7 to 11 November 2022 at ENEA Casaccia Research Center in Italy. This course was designed for engineers, researchers and representatives from European CSP industry and companies who want to be trained on real CSP hardware.

The course focuses on the design and management methodologies for molten salt CSP systems that use linear solar collectors.
The training consists of both theoretical and practical modules. It will include visits, procedures, standards and best practices theoretical and experimental ‘hands-on’ experiences, Knowledge-Transfer and Networking.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Molten salts as heat transfer fluids and heat storage media
  • CSP plants with molten salts as HTF heat transfer fluid & HSM
  • Heat storage medium
  • Molten salt processes
  • Technologies for CSP molten salt plants
  • Practical test cases

You can download the full announcement & the draft agenda.

For more information please visit SFERA-III website.