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Projetos em que participa

Pedro José Lopes Tavares Ferreira

Researcher – Unidade de Geologia Hidrogeologia e Geologia Costeira (UGHGC)

PhD in Geology, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, 2007


Domain of specialization

Analytical geochemistry based on XRF, ICP-AES, ICP-MS and FTIR instrumental techniques. Research involving geochemical studies of volcanic rocks from Mid-Ocean ridges and Ocean Islands using major-, trace element, volatiles and isotopic studies as a means to explore sub-oceanic mantle melting processes, source evolution and magma differentiation along the upper mantle and Earth’s crust. Geologic mapping at various scales: 1/10 000; 1/25 000; 1/ 50 000; 1/200 000.

Present research interests

Geochemical and petrological studies based on Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts samples collected in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) in the Azores region (hotspot-ridge interaction). Research on the role of volatiles on mantle melting and magma delivery along the MAR segments and Ocean islands. Relationships between magmatic evolution and tectonic activity with the generation of submarine hydrothermal vents in the MAR. Magmatism associated to seamounts in the Madeira province. Hydrothermal rocks and alteration associated to submarine hydrothermal vent fields. Volcanism, magma evolution and mantle source characterization associated to Ocean Islands – Azores and Deception Islands. Studies in the complex SW border of the Ossa-Morena-Zone (Portugal) where back-arc and subduction settings seem to have played a major role on the geological evolution. Geological mapping in the Ossa Morena zone. Geochemistry and petrology in magmatic rocks of South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Geological and lithological mapping in King George Island. Research in the relationship between lithological characteristics and the generation of permafrost in the South Shetland Islands.