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alarmPublication date: 14 March, 2019

The National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG) is an R&D institution oriented to meet the needs of society and business. We aim at a sustainable research in a sustainability frame through the generation of knowledge of our territory.

In line with what is done internationally, we have in our areas of competence adequate response to the needs of the business sector. We do Science in Energy and Geology viewing the application in advanced solutions to leverage our economy.

This portal aims to introduce the visitor into LNEG’s competencies viewing a potential exploitation in the technological development of the country enabling the establishment of new national and international partnerships. Here I would like to highlight the industry partners, the administration and other institutions of the national and international scientific system.

The visitor can find information on:

  • The organizational structure;
  • LNEG in numbers through management documents;
  • The research units and activities;
  • Our participation in international networks;
  • Our dissemination activity

Our portal aims to be an interactive tool with society for whom we work as a laboratory operating in the areas of Energy and Geology. LNEG gives support to Portuguese government in public policies.