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Advancing participatory energy systems modelling

Advancing participatory energy systems modelling
alarmPublication date: 08 February, 2024Category: International News , Investigation

Energy system models (whether national, European or even global) are an essential part of energy and climate policies. The energy transition that we have been witnessing in Portugal and other countries is also based on the results of mathematical models developed and implemented by scientists. These are complex tools and often have little or no transparency. However, decarbonization requires the involvement of everyone (citizens, businesspeople, local authorities, etc.) and not just scientists or a few decision-makers. In a recently published article, a team of 15 European modelers presents an innovative participatory modeling framework for energy systems with a range of proposals to effectively integrate participatory approaches. The study lists principles of good practice to help navigate this process and systematizes critical reflections on key issues in this emerging field.

The paper is available in open access here: McGookin, C., Süsser, D., Xenakis, G., Trutnevyte, E., McDowall, W., Nikas, A., Koasidis, K., Few, S., Anderson, P., Demski, C., Fortes, P., Simoes, S.G., Bishop, C., Rogan, F., Ó Gallachóir, B. (2024) Advancing participatory energy systems modelling. Energy Strategy Reviews. (52) 101319. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.esr.2024.101319