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Planning 100% renewable power systems

Planning 100% renewable power systems
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

LNEG’s experience in the different key areas of Energy Systems which include: i) Renewable Energies, ii) the integration of renewable generation in electrical networks and systems; iii) the optimization of the planning and operation of electrical systems with high renewable participation; and iv) the need to ensure flexibility, robustness and sustainability for the adequate operation of renewable systems,  guarantees LNEG the capacity and competences in the optimal planning of the development and operation of renewable time-varying power plants (VRE) including the assessment of its natural and technological complementarity (e.g. wind, photovoltaic, CSP and water generation) and the needs for robustness and security of supply for power systems ~100% renewable.

New paradigms of flexibility and demand side management. Forecast of variable renewable

A LNEG priority domain  of ​​activity is the assessment of additional sources of flexibility for the power system and the identification of demand side management (DSM) needs and time-shifting of the net load (consumption-production VRE) by studying the impact of the adoption of optimization and flexible DSM measures that favor the stability of the electrical system.This domain includes the technical evaluation of the impact of the adoption of DSM measures and the corresponding business models for the sector.

Energy Systems Integration

The operation of the future electrical systems with a preponderance of variable generation in time, assigns an instrumental function to the capacity of regularization of this production by means of the storage of the energy from renewable sources, taking special note of the study, in addition to the ~ 100% renewable systems, of the paper to support the electrical (and energy) system of “Power-to-X” technologies; “Power-to-H2”; “Power to H2O” (desalination and water purification).

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