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Materials for Energy

Materials for Energy
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The area of competence of Materials for Energy is a transversal area of LNEG where R&D activities are carried out in the fields of the processing and characterization of new materials and their performance in applications related to energy technologies from renewable sources, namely those of energy conversion and storage.

This area of the development of materials with adequate functional properties is fundamental to support current and emerging technologies, which allow ensuring the energy transition from an economy based on fossil fuels to an economy based on renewable energies. The contribution of materials is absolutely crucial to the success of this transition, and has been identified, in different documents and strategic plans / roadmaps, as one of the limiting topics for increasing the penetration of renewable energies in the energy network, and where it is urgent to invest.

The Materials area has multiple intersections with other areas and has focused its competences on the following activities:

  • Materials Development
  • Hydrogen and Batteries
  • Extraction and Recycling of Materials
  • Durability an Anticorrosive Protection

Areas of activity

Relevant Projects