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Hydrogen and Batteries

Hydrogen and Batteries
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

Hydrogen and battery technologies may play a significant role in the storage and supply of energy in the near future. In the Materials for Energy area, several competences have been acquired is these fields.

In the area of Hydrogen, the following topics are addressed, framed in its potential as alternative fuel and as a key energy vector:

  • Production of “Solar” Hydrogen
    • By electrolysis from water using renewable electricity.
    • By photocatalysis from waste water.
    • By co-electrolysis from water and CO2 (hydrogen and other fuels)
  • Storage of Hydrogen: Metal Hydrides
  • Electric Mobility (Fuel Cells / Hydrogen)
    • Synthesis and characterization of high performance materials for integration into critical functional components for fuel cells.
    • Test for PEM stacks up to 5 kW.
    • Optimization of systems: experimental and numerical studies.
    • Diagnosis and evaluation of the stability / durability of critical components under conditions relevant to mobility.
    • Monitoring and control (reactors producing renewable hydrogen and fuel cells).
  • Evaluation and Impact Studies: RoadMap for Hydrogen in Portugal -Technological potential.

In the Battery Technology area, several competences may also be highlighted, such as the study and development of electrolytes, cathodic and anodic materials, and performance tests for stability, durability and cyclability under controlled conditions.

Relevant Projects