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Wind and Ocean Energy

Wind and Ocean Energy
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The Wind Energy Area has a team of researchers with extensive experience in this sector. LNEG has been involved in wind energy activities for several decades, having been present in the study and planning of much of the National Wind Farm. In the current context, where, in a short-term, a phase of Energy Transition is envisaged, Wind Energy plays a major role in the national energy mix. In this context, the Wind Energy Area has been developing a set of activities aimed at supporting the national (and international) wind power sector, which are based on several axes, namely: i) Modelling and evaluation of wind resource, atlases, wind databases and estimation of energy production of wind turbines, including experimental campaigns using conventional anemometry and state-of-the-art technology (ultrasonic anemometers and LiDAR); ii) Planning of the installation of Wind Energy systems and Support to Public Policies using Geographical Information Systems; iii) Development and Optimization of Wind Technology; iv) Advanced Wind Energy Training. These activities are carried out both in the context of research projects and in the framework of consultancy contracts and support to the private sector.

LNEG also has a relevant track record in the development of the wave energy sector, and activities in this area are also being developed, with the evaluation and optimization of the performance of wave energy converters, availability of maritime agitation data and the training of technicians.

Relevant Projects