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Geology and Geological Resources

Geology and Geological Resources
alarmPublication date: 15 February, 2019

LNEG, Laboratory for Geology and Mining plays the role of the Portuguese Geological Survey.

LNEG is full member of the Association of EuroGeoSurveys.

The core of LNEG activity in this area is the development of the geological knowledge of the country (continental and Atlantic islands, Azores and Madeira) and its translation into geological maps. Supported by valuable geological information gathered in systematic fieldwork and using modern methods, basic and thematic geological cartography are produced covering a broad spectrum: applied geology, hydrogeology, coastal geology, geological hazards, geothermal, geological storage, mineral resources and geological heritage. Applied research of mineral deposits for the inventory, characterization, processing and valorization of the mineral resources potential for the economy is another pillar of the research plan of the Laboratory of Geology and Mining.

LNEG also works for the public policies, namely for land planning.

The main research areas are as follows:

  • Geo-information (GeoPortal)
  • Geological Resources
  • Geology and Geological Risk
  • Mineral Technology


Research units

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