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alarmPublication date: 27 May, 2019

The institutional information of scientific and technological nature is structured in databases with different typologies and formats, which ensure the acquisition, treatment, preservation and availability of geoscientific contents in geology and energy. The management and availability of these databases are duties of Geoscientific Information Unit (UIG), which is responsible for:

  • managing and maintaining the technological infrastructure of the geoscientific information, collecting and integrating data resulting from the activity of the Research Units of the LNEG, in order to ensure a single point of research, consultation and information sharing;
  • design, innovate, implement and maintain the data models necessary for the storage of geoscientific information in institutional databases, in collaboration with the LNEG´s Research Units and Library, ensuring both safeguarding and effective access to information;
  • disseminating via the LNEG’s geoPortal digital information and its metadata, including Remote Sensing, to facilitate its use both by the general public and companies, and by researchers and public administration, boosting citizen closeness and support to decision-makers;
  • coordinate the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive at LNEG, jointly with the Directorate General of the Territory (DGT), including: a) participation in national and international working groups on themes of Geology, Mineral Resources, Natural Hazards and Energy Resources, b) management, updating and publication of metadata in SNIG, c) harmonization of spatial data sets, and e) provision of network services;
  • provide technical support to Research Units in the field of Information Systems;
  • represent the areas of LNEG´s Research Units in national and international projects and consortia in the field of the management and availability of geoscientific information.

Areas of activity