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alarmPublication date: 27 May, 2019

LNEG’s geoPortal is LNEG’s integrated services infrastructure to support the management and visualization of spatial data, which aims to provide, in a web environment, the georeferenced information related to the different institutional activities of the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology.

LNEG’s geoPortal is available at https://geoportal.lneg.pt

This application is the only access point to the georeferenced information, enabling the research, consultation, analysis and possible download and / or acquisition of scientific and technical information in the areas of Geology and Energy. The geoPortal consists of four main components:

  • Metadata Catalog: a service for research and consultation of institutional metadata, which allows to know the existence and availability of the geographical information of the LNEG. This catalog is in accordance with ISO standards and the implementation rules of the INSPIRE Directive;
  • Online Databases: a set of applications that allow access and consultation of information on various institutional themes;
  • Map Viewer: LNEG mapping and spatial information visualization and analysis service, which also allows the overlay and spatial analysis of geographic data from different sources (maps, geoscientific data, orthophotomaps, etc.).
  • Cartography Download: Space for the provision of cartography following the open data policy

These four components allow the user to search for spatial information made available by the Institution, to consult and analyze them (as queries or map services) or to download official maps.

This tool also allows to:

  • provide LNEG with a Spatial Data Infrastructure, which allows the harmonization and integration of spatial contents and constitutes an internal tool for organizing and managing information in the areas of Energy and Geology;
  • integrate and make available in a simple, homogeneous and standardized interface the data resulting from the institutional activity;
  • implement and secure data services (WMS and WFS) in accordance with internationally established technical specifications by organizations related to spatial data;
  • integrate national spatial data infrastructure (SNIG) and facilitate the integration of information into national and international networks.

LNEG’s geoPortal provides varied information in the fields of Energy and Geology, such as:

  • Energy: Geothermal resources, thermal events, wind atlas;
  • Geology: Geological mapping at various scales, surveys, sites with geological interest;
  • Groundwater: hydrogeological resources;
  • Mineral Resources: Mineral occurrences, ornamental rocks.

This information is directed for a variety of users, ranging from the general public and experts in the scientific community to the student and business community.