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Geological Heritage

Geological Heritage
alarmPublication date: 27 May, 2019

It is incumbent upon LNEG to ensure knowledge of the geological infrastructure of the emerging territory, with a view to its valorization, characterization and preservation, in matters of geological heritage and geodiversity, mining and geocultural heritage. This mission is carried out by conducting studies and research projects and application of geological knowledge in the areas of geological heritage, including inventorying, evaluation, protection, valorization and dissemination of that heritage and the management and availability of its contents. These activities are also part of the territorial development policies of the mining regions, contributing to their sustainable development throughout the various life cycles of the mines

The LNEG maintains a Geosite base, accessible through the GeoPortal, which is constantly updated, which is expected to be interconnected with another similar DB.

In the field of enhancement of the Geological Heritage, LNEG carries out specialized geological mapping for nature parks, in which it develops several strands for the playful use of geology. Currently geological maps are available for the Parks: Serra da Estrela, Côa Valley, Douto Vinhateiro, Arouca GeoParque, Arganil, Sintra, Maciço Calcário da Estremadura, Ria Formosa, Montesinho and Douro Internacional.