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Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources
alarmPublication date: 27 May, 2019

Mineral resources are fundamental to the development of society. Portugal, due to its geological diversity, presents a large potential for the occurrence of a wide range of mineral resources, which may occur with world-class economic interest, as is the case of massive sulphide deposits in the Iberian Pyrite Belt.

With the objective to contribute to the sustainability of the consumption of mineral raw materials, LNEG develops research to increase the knowledge of mineral resources in Portugal. It collaborates with several partners, from industry to academia, and transfers knowledge to society through diverse publications and thematic maps, as well as developing and maintaining the database of national mineral resources available in the GEOPORTAL.

LNEG undertakes research on mineral resources and the mining potential of Portugal, as well as their interaction with the environment and society. Its main objectives are to support companies in the mining sector, contributing to innovative exploration methodologies, and support the Portuguese state in public policies to safeguard and promote mineral resources.

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