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Circular and Sustainable Procurement

Circular and Sustainable Procurement
alarmPublication date: 26 February, 2020

The Circular and Sustainable Procurement area of LNEG focus on Research, Development and Innovation activities to support public policies concerning Public and Institutional Procurement within the systemic and holistic framework of Sustainable Development. LNEG develops concepts, methodologies and practices to achieve multiple strategic societal goals at regional and organizational level by using a range of tools:

  1. Green and Sustainable Procurement;
  2. Circular Procurement;
  3. Procurement for Innovation; and,
  4. Low Carbon Procurement.

LNEG has started its activities in Circular and Sustainable Procurement in 2003 and works in close cooperation with private and public organisations. Its main activities are:

  • Contribution to the definition of national public policies;
  • Development of theoretical knowledge and methodologies within national and European projects;
  • Guidance on circular and sustainable tenders;
  • Training for public authorities and other organisations;
  • Implementation of National and European projects; and
  • Awareness raising; knowledge dissemination, organisation of workshops.

Relevant Projects