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Circular economy and life cycle management for sustainability

Circular economy and life cycle management for sustainability
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The Circular Economy and Life Cycle Management for Sustainability area aims at performing RD&I projects to support public policies and the private sector, for the closing, slowing and narrowing of material loops in the economy, taking into account the energy transition, decarbonisation and sustainable development challenges.

Building upon its large experience in the fields of ecodesign/design for sustainability, sustainability management with a life cycle perspective, value management and sustainable product-service systems, LNEG’s activity in this area focuses on more circular and sustainable products, services, business models and systems, with a holistic and systemic view.

Through the establishment of national and international partnerships and strategic protocols with public and private entities, the following activities at firm, value chain and regional levels are performed:

  • Knowledge enhancement and its application to the national reality;
  • Development of implementation methods and decision-support tools;
  • Studies and advice to support public policies and other public initiatives;
  • Competence building within academia and businesses (advanced training); and
  • Elaboration of standards, in the context of the participation in standardization committees.

Relevant Projects