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Paleontological Collection

Paleontological Collection
alarmPublication date: 28 September, 2019

It consists of many thousands of specimens, representative of the major fossil groups found in Portuguese geological units, covering virtually all periods between the Cambrian and Quaternary, which occurred in Portugal. Only a small part of the collection is displayed, consisting essentially of specimens that were figured or chosen by the quality of their preservation. (Mais…)

On the whole, it is worth to highlight the fossil collections of mammals from the tertiary and dinosaurs. Among the groups of invertebrates, notable for their size and variety, the collections of ammonites, bivalves, gastropods and brachiopods. (link para imagens e descrições)

This collection contains several type species (holotypes, syntypes and paratypes) of invertebrates and vertebrates, published in editions of the Institute and other bodies that preceded it, and also in international editions.

Among the major fossil groups represented in the collections of the Geological Museum, we highlight the following:

  • Vertebrates: Dinosaurs e Tertiary Mammals;
  • Invertebrates: Corals, Trilobites, Graptolites, Brachiopods, Echinoderms, Goniatites, Ammonites, Belemnites, Bivalves, Gastropods;
  • Plants;
  • Ichnofossils.