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EduZWaCE Project– Meeting trainers and experts - Webinar

EduZWaCE Project– Meeting trainers and experts – Webinar
alarmPublication date: 07 October, 2020
Category: Investigation , National News

The second EduZWaCE webinar with trainers and experts was held on September 29 as part of the EduZWaCE project which is in the process of being completed. LNEG is the Portuguese partner of this project and promoted this meeting together with IAPMEI, within the framework of the collaboration protocol of the two entities in the area of training for the Circular Economy.

In addition to the final project results including the Circularity Diagnosis Tool, presented by LNEG, other projects from CITEVE, CTCV and also LNEG in the area of training for the circular economy were disclosed. There followed a debate on opportunities for future projects and the session was closed by António Oliveira, from IAPMEI with a note on circularity as a contribution to sustainability.

About 40 trainers and specialists from Vocational Training Centres, Technological Centres, Clusters, companies and others participated, representing different sectors.

For more information and free access to the results of the project see the website: www.eduzwace.eu or contact the LNEG Team: Cristina Rocha (cristina.rocha@lneg.pt) and David Camocho (david.camocho@lneg.pt), Resource Economics Unit.