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European Conference on Green Mining

European Conference on Green Mining
alarmPublication date: 04 May, 2021Category: International News , Investigation

The President of LNEG, Professor Teresa Ponce de Leão participated in the Green Mining Conference, a high-level international event in the field of ​​mineral resources, which took place on May 5th, 2021, with attendance both online and in person. The President of LNEG integrated the Panel on “Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability”.

The Conference involved the participation of international and Portuguese bodies and organisations – enterprises, universities, industry associations and other stakeholders, in particular in the mineral resources sector.
The key topics raised during the event were: the principles of “green mining” and the sustainability of the battery value chain; the contribution of the mining industry responsible for decarbonisation, and examples of resilience and innovation in the international and Portuguese mining industries.