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Lecture "Blockchain for intelligent supply chains" by Jairo Romo

Lecture “Blockchain for intelligent supply chains” by Jairo Romo
directionsLocation: LNEG, Polo de Alfragide
todayEvent to take place: 16/11/2023
timerSchedule: 12:00-13:00
alarmPublication date: 06 November, 2023alarmLast updated: 17 November, 2023

On November 16, 2023, the Lecture “Blockchain for intelligent supply chains”, by Jairo Romo, was held at LNEG.

This Lecture was carried out in hybrid format.

Jairo Romo Marugan is a global expert in IT business transformation and innovation, he has had the privilege of working with C-level executives across various industries: governments, banking and financial institutions, energy and utilities, trade and commerce, supply chain and logistics. His expertise lies in driving competitive advantage through innovative IT strategies and rapid execution in high-growth and cutting-edge technology environments.

Career Highlights:

  • Mentor and Judge: Web3/ Blockchain/AI startups. VC, Startup advisor & connector. Stanford University. US
  • Professor, Blockchain disruptive technology program. MIT Professional Education. MIT. US
  • Observer, Applied Generative AI for Digital Transformation program. MIT Professional Education. MIT. US
  • EEA Blockchain Trade Finance & Supply chain working groups contributor. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.US
  • Hyperledger Trade Finance and Identity working groups Contributor. Hyperledger Foundation.
  • Ambassador Hudini – Spain. Blockchain advisor B89, Neobank with operations in US/Peru – US.
  • Blockchain advisor to Microsoft (CTO LatAm). Wipro – Seattle/WA/US.
  • Creation of the Blockchain business line in 2 different companies: Wipro and UST – US and LatAm.
  • Creation of the Blockchain Innovation Center – Wipro – Bay Area office. US
  • Creation of KYC consortium and Product. 3 largest banks in Colombia. – Wipro. US and LatAm.
  • Advisor CBDC to the Central Bank of Colombia – Wipro. US and LatAm
  • 16 blockchain product implementations, production environment. US – Globally.
  • Advisor ICO – STO Design (Whitepaper), Campaign launch, Fundraising. dClinic – Singapore.
  • Advisor American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPCA) Fintech / Blockchain program design. US
  • Co-founder new affiliate in Spain (Startup mode). UST – US.
  • Creation Center of excellence SAP / Testing. Iberdrola, Boots, Costco, Well Point. UST – Spain.
  • Dr. enterprise agile adoption project (MX/Peru/Argentine/Colombia/Turkey) BBVA Bank. UST – Globally.
  • Creation Rapid prototyping office (Agile, UX, DT, Testing) for Santander Bank. UST – Spain.
  • Dr. M&A IT transformation projects: Risk & Reg. controls (Germany); Contact center (US). Santander Bank.
  • Online Banking / Web (from mainframe to online banking): Brach Systems. BBVA Bank – Spain.
  • Creation of IT incidents ticketing system. BUPA – Spain.