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GREEN 2022 Hybrid Brokerage Event

GREEN 2022 Hybrid Brokerage Event
directionsLocation: MADRID, Spain
todayEvent to take place: 23/11/2022 until 24/11/2022

alarmPublication date: 24 October, 2022

LNEG, a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – Portugal National Consortium, responsible for resource and energy management and sustainability, co-organized the GREEN 2022 Hybrid Brokerage Event that took place on November 23-24, 2022.

GREEN 2022 Hybrid Brokerage Event takes place in the framework of the Spanish National Environmental Congress (CONAMA 2022). CONAMA 2022 is an open, plural and participative forum about sustainability that has become the most inclusive and representative congress in Spain on environmental issues. It brings together companies, organizations and administrations in Madrid to work against the global environmental crisis and lead an unprecedented transformation, combating its causes, mitigating its consequences and implementing solutions. The Brokerage Event GREEN 2022 is focused on promoting cooperation between governments, companies, research institutions and european environmental organizations in order to guarantee new collaborations and R&D projects by discussing ideas and proposals in bilateral meetings.

Main topics 

  • Energy, Efficiency & Climate Change
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Urban Renovation
  • Rural Development
  • Biodiversity
  • Water Management
  • Environment Health
  • The collection, transport, and treatment of waste disposals
  • Economy & Society

Why participate 

  • Get the latest information on new research findings
  • Get to know and share different points of views with researchers and experts in your industry
  • Present, discuss and start new projects
  • Creating cross-border contacts and cooperation
  • Sharing knowledge about your project
  • Meet new professionals in the environmental field

Target group 

  • Professionals & entrepreneurs
  • Companies: SMEs, start-ups, mid-caps, large companies
  • R&D Institutions/Research Centres
  • Universities
  • Governments/local & regional Authorities
  • Associations

More information: https://green2022.b2match.io/ or contact us directly EEN-PORTUGAL@lneg.pt.