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VII Solar Energy Business Mixer | B2B Meetings

VII Solar Energy Business Mixer | B2B Meetings
directionsLocation: Warsaw, Poland
todayEvent to take place: 29/05/2023 until 31/05/2023

alarmPublication date: 29 March, 2023

LNEG, a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – Portugal National Consortium, responsible for resource and energy management and sustainability, co-organizes the VII Solar Energy Business Mixer | B2B Meetings that will be held in hybrid model, 29-31 May 2023.

The hybrid brokerage event will be held during the Congress PV 2023. Participation is free of charge.

Hybrid (on-line/on-site) B2B EEN Meetings: for whom?

A dynamic development of the photovoltaic industry in Poland, rapidly changing business models and their conditions require constant monitoring of market changes. Industry meetings bring a lot of knowledge and business contacts, being also an excellent way to monitor the market.

The B2B meetings are dedicated to PV entrepreneurs and organisations. Companies creating the supply chain, i.e. component manufacturers, service companies, consultants, construction, power sales and services, Fabs & Equipments, Material & Components, Silicon & Cells, Modules, Systems, BOS companies are particularly welcome.

B2B Meetings: general principles and registration procedure.

B2B meetings are 20-minute, pre-arranged sessions will enable participants to establish relations, find centres for a joint research project or make a technology transfer with new business partners across the entire PV supply chain.

In order to do so, it is necessary: register, present yourself and your company’s offer and select the participants with whom you will meet during the event.

When will it take place?

Date: May, 29-31  2023,
the 29th of May – on-line
the 30th of May – on-line
the 31st of May – on-line and on-site 

Why is it worth taking part in it?

  • Previously agreed meetings with selected potential partners
  • Possibility of initiating international cooperation
  • Exchange of experiences with companies from Poland and European countries
  • Meetings and exchange of views with PV and related industry experts
  • Establishment of technological and business cooperation
  • Support for the expansion of an international company
  • Access to knowledge about new technologies and solutions

Find more information at https://vii-solar-energy-business-mixer.b2match.io/ or contact us directly at EEN-PORTUGAL@lneg.pt.