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BBRI - Biomass and Bioenergy Research Infrastructure

BBRI – Biomass and Bioenergy Research Infrastructure
alarmPublication date: 04 October, 2019


BBRI is a new research infrastructure (RI) built on the existing lab and pilot infrastructure of LNEG, with activities focused on biomass – biochemical and thermochemical conversion to advanced biofuels, chemicals and other biomaterials. Moreover, the research activities of BBRI are fully aligned with the current LNEG scientific contribution carried out by Unit of Bioenergy (UB) as well as with the European Energy Research Alliance joint activities (since 2010), namely in the SP1-thermochemical platform (led by ECN, Netherlands), SP2-sugar platform (led by LNEG), SP3-microalgae (led by WUR, The Netherlands), SP4-sustainable biomass (led by INRA, France) and SP5-stationery bioenergy (led by SINTEF, Norway).

The BBRI Infrastructure is constituted by the following sub-research infrastructure platforms (sub-RIs):

  • Sugar Platform
  • Thermochemical Platform
  • Microalgae Platform
  • Bioenergy Sustainability
  • Analytical Sciences for Biofuels

The BBRI work is organized in training, services and dissemination activities in the 5 sub-RIs.

The training activities will be directed at professionals working in the ranks of Biomass and Bioenergy and the graduate students (master, doctorate) in order to increase the number of skilled people in Bioenergy in Portugal.

The dissemination activities will promote R&D work, training and services provided by the BBRI, raising public awareness to the technological challenges and the progress already made in the area of biofuels (next generation), biomass and bioenergy.

The Biomass and Bioenergy Research Infrastructure (BBRI)- LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-022059, supported by Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalization (PORTUGAL2020), by Lisbon Portugal Regional Operational Programme (Lisboa 2020) and by North Portugal Regional Operational Programme (Norte 2020) under the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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