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Biomass and Bioenergy Research Infrastructure

Several technical and R&D services are offered to the scientific community and industry upon request. A specific form for BBRI requests can be downloaded here.

The services to be provided are:

  • Technical assistance and testing services with companies and others public and private organizations;
  • Implementation of sustainable and technologically advanced solutions in the area of biofuels and bioenergy;
  • Transference of knowledge in processes based on the use of biomass;
  • Advanced training directed towards PhD and Master Students;
  • Technological training in bioenergy targeted to industry and research professionals.

The quality of the services provided leverage on the team 25 years of experience, in R&D for new bioenergy technologies (lab and pilot scales) and on technical analytical capabilities. They include: access to laboratory and equipment facilities, technical courses, technical consultancy, analytical services and biofuels certification.

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