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International coordination meeting of the LIFE ReNaturalNZEB project

International coordination meeting of the LIFE ReNaturalNZEB project
alarmPublication date: 20 March, 2023Category: Investigation , National News

LNEG participated in the international coordination meeting in Mérida (Spain) of the LIFE ReNaturalNZEB project, on March 15 and 16, 2023, which was attended by all partners. At this meeting, the manual “Sustainable Insulation Solutions for NZEB buildings” was presented and distributed, developed by LNEG in Portuguese and Spanish and available on the LNEG website at: https://www.lneg.pt/project/renaturalnzeb/

At this meeting, a visit was made to project demonstrators for the rehabilitation of four social housing blocks with 16 houses in the San Lázaro neighborhood (Mérida) and the construction of 3 social housing in Ribera del Fresno (Badajoz). In the rehabilitation of social housing, action is only on the surroundings of the blocks, without affecting the structure or distribution of the interior spaces, with insulation being used on the outside with black cork agglomerate. On the other hand, in new construction and due to its demonstrator status, one of the villas will be considered as a “reference”, whose construction will be with conventional materials and construction technologies. In the remaining houses, innovative construction technologies and various natural and recycled materials are being used, according to the results of the tests carried out in the previous phases of the project, in which each of these houses will test a different construction solution.