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Laboratory of Biofuels and Biomass

Laboratory of Biofuels and Biomass
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The Laboratory of Biofuels and Biomass is a specialized center in analytical science whose mission is to develop and implement methodologies in solid and liquid biomass; biofuels, fuels and oils, and in the recovery of natural resources (from an energetic perspective) towards sustainability, ensuring compliance with European directives, norms, regulations and laws and supporting society, the business fabric and the State.

The Laboratory of Biofuels and Biomass integrates LNEG’s Network of Accredited Laboratories. Part of its activity is accredited by the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, in a fixed and flexible intermediate scope, with Accreditation Certificate Nº L0041 by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC).

The LBB Accreditation Technical Annex (ATA) and the respective List of Tests under Intermediate Flexible Accreditation of ATA N.º L0041-1 are available at:

The Laboratory of Biofuels and Biomass integrates LNEG’s Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit and it also develops R&D activities concerning national and international projects, which allows it to provide knowledge and propose solutions and specialized services to support the business fabric and technically support decision-making within its field of expertise.

LBB performs tests by standardized methods, by laboratory developed test methods or to customer specification compliance.

All tests not included in the scope of accreditation are marked with *.

Areas of activity