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Laboratório de Materiais e RevestimentosLaboratório de Materiais e RevestimentosLaboratório de materiais e Revestimentos

Laboratory of Materials and Coatings

Laboratory of Materials and Coatings
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

Laboratory of Materials and Coatings (LMR) is a specialized center in corrosion, anticorrosive protection of materials and coatings and their durability. This Laboratory’s mission is to develop R&D activities and provide advanced services to the Industry in terms of projects, expertise, consultancy, studies and tests. These activities are particularly focused to the durability of materials for energy systems.

LMR is a testing laboratory accredited according to NP EN ISO/IEC 17025, in a flexible intermediate scope, with the accreditation certificate N.º L0698 of IPAC.

The LMR Accreditation Technical Annex (ATA) and the respective List of Tests under Intermediate Flexible Accreditation of ATA N.º L0698-1 are available at:

Within the scope of its intervention areas, LMR also develops other complementary science and technology activities, such as: national and international scientific dissemination (Edition of its Journal “Corrosão e Proteção de Materiais”, publication of papers, books and guides, participation and organization of technical-scientific meetings); support for national and international standardization; advanced training to support universities and also specific to companies.

Among its main competences are:

  • Detection, study and prevention of corrosion;
  • Specification of anticorrosive protection schemes/coatings;
  • Classification, determination of the corrosivity of natural and artificial environments;
  • Evaluation of the durability of materials;
  • Evaluation of anticorrosive protection of equipment and structures;
  • Physical, chemical and mechanical characterization of materials and coatings;
  • Valorization of natural products;
  • Development of conversion treatments and coatings;
  • Diagnosis and failure analysis of structures and/ or equipments.

All tests not included in the scope of accreditation are marked with *.

Areas of activity