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LNEG work cited in OECD study for Portugal

LNEG work cited in OECD study for Portugal
alarmPublication date: 08 February, 2024Category: International News , Investigation

The study “Environmental Performance Reviews: Portugal 2023” published by the OECD in March 2023 reviews Portugal’s environmental performance and compares progress against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals. It addresses policy coherence, investment efficiency, improvements in infrastructure and the green tax reform. The study pays special attention to the national trajectory towards carbon neutrality, both in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and regarding adapting to climate change. In this point, a study co-authored by LNEG researchers is mentioned since they assessed the climate change impacts on national electricity generation. LNEG’s work concluded that: (i) climate change could lower future hydropower production by 20%, (ii) improving the spatial and temporal resolution and considering future weather patterns lowers solar PV cost-effectiveness, and (iii) future weather will not affect onshore wind production but can make offshore wind power more cost-effective. This work did not address extreme weather events.

The OECD study can be found here.

The mentioned LNEG researchers paper: Fortes, P., Simoes, S.G., Amorim, F, et al. (2022) How sensitive is a carbon neutral power sector to climate change? Interplay between hydro, solar and wind for Portugal. Energy Journal (239) Part B, 122106. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.energy.2021.122106