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Litoteca de AljustrelLitoteca de Aljustrel

Aljustrel core library

Aljustrel core library
alarmPublication date: 24 November, 2019

The Aljustrel core library is dedicated to the southern region of the country, where the South Portuguese and Ossa-Morena zones are located, with a highlight to the collection of cores from the Iberian Pyrite Range. The core library currently includes more than 107,000 m (294 drill holes) of core and more than 300,000 georeferenced samples of alluvial soils and sediments. LNEG Aljustrel also has other core collections located in warehouses located in São Luís with 12 653 meters of drill core (52 surveys), and Aparis (Barrancos) with 78 819 meters of drill core (348 drill holes).

Bairro da Vale d´Oca,
Apartado 14
7601 – 909 Aljustrel