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São Mamede de Infesta core library

São Mamede de Infesta core library
alarmPublication date: 24 November, 2019

The São Mamede de Infesta core library (SMI) contains drill holes from the northern and central regions of the country. The core library currently includes more than 124,000 m of drill core (1538 drill holes) and about 30,000 geological samples and thematic collections of reference. The SMI core library has rock sawing equipment, thin section archive, a technical report and support laboratory.

It also has a didactic sample of the evolution of the knowledge of LNEG’s geological mapping prepared to receive study groups from schools, universities and the general public, and is integrated in the network of Museums in Matosinhos.

Rua da Amieira
Apartado 1089
4466-901 S. Mamede de Infesta