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12 - Henkelotherium guimarotae Krebs 1991

12 – Henkelotherium guimarotae Krebs 1991
alarmPublication date: 19 November, 2021

The Mammals, our ancestors.

The old coal mine of Guimarota (Leiria) is a palaeontological site of international importance because it contains fossils of primitive mammals, the best preserved of the Upper Jurassic (150 million years) in the world. They are associated with remains of crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaur, fishes bivalves, plants etc.

This site was explored during several decades by the Free University of Berlin, who re-opened the mine only for palaeontological purpose. All the material has now been returned to Portugal. On the other hand, more than on hundred scientific articles have been published.