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Mineral resource mapping

Mineral resource mapping
alarmPublication date: 29 January, 2021

The identification, inventory, and mapping of mineral resources throughout the Portuguese territory has been part of LNEG’s objectives while responsible for the national geological mapping, thereby promoting knowledge and stimulating investment in the sector. Thus, the first sheets published at the scale 1: 200000 of the Mineral Deposits of Mainland Portugal appear. In addition to these, LNEG, in its commitment to the national strategy and the essential thematic lines of the European Commission in matters of safety and sustainability, has developed, and continues to develop, maps focused exclusively on critical raw materials. These maps include the elements and substances considered critical in the last European list (2020), with a three-year renewal and consequent cartographic reissue. LNEG thus shows, in practice, its commitment to the EU Green Deal in the identification of critical raw materials sources in needed for emerging technologies.

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