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Comunicações Geológicas

Comunicações Geológicas
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Comunicações Geológicas is an official and established peer-reviewed academic journal, annually published by LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (Portuguese Laboratory for Energy and Geology). This journal, published since 1883, accepts original scientific research papers of in all fields of geosciences. The Executive Board also considers of major importance research works oriented towards the society, namely in the field of geoenvironmental and/or pure or applied geosciences, including geoenergy and geological resources.

  • Journal of the Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia, I.P.
  • Founded and published since 1883
  • ISSN: 0873-948X; e-ISSN: 1647-581X
  • Executive Board: Ruben Dias, Susana Machado, Elsa Ramalho, Lídia Quental
  • Editorial Management: Susana Machado, Elsa Ramalho
  • E-mail: edi@lneg.pt

All the researchers of any field in geosciences are invited to submit original scientific research to Comunicações Geológicas. The journal publishes original, review, commissioned invited authors or reduced dimension (letters) scientific papers, that develop themes within the above-mentioned scope, or scientific news of interest to the Geoscientific Community.

The papers published in Comunicações Geológicas are indexed to the following databases: Elsevier – Scopus & GEOBASE, EBSCO – Environment Complete & Fonte Académica, GeoRef, APPlatforms and SCIRUS.

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Comunicações Geológicas can also be accessed for free online from Volume 94 (2007).




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