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Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:25 000

Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:25 000Category: Maps, Digital Maps
Data de publicação: 05 November, 2019
Last updated: 23 February, 2023

Geological Mapping at 1:25 000 scale is carried out on a topographic base, at the same scale, from the Army’s Geospatial Information Center (CIGeoE).

It can be made available in vector format by a) a 1:25 000 sheet as seen in the image, or b) any area, according to the need of the interested parties, for example, by the area of a municipality, a protected zone, a parish, or any other.

Price and distribution format: 

  1. Vector format (Shapefile or Geodatabase)

    • Published Geological Cartography – cost/Km2 *
      • Ready to be supplied with little cabinet work: 5.00€
      • Needa revision and compatibility between sheets of different dates, in cabinet: 9.00€
      • Requires field inspections: 30.00€
    • Unprecedented geological Cartography – cost/Km2 *
      • Exists on file, but needs cabinet revisions and  digitalization: 15.00€
      • Exists on file, but needs revisions and digitalization: 35.00€
    • There is no Geological Cartography – cost/Km2 **
      • It is necessary to carry out geological surveys and digitalization: 175.00€
  2. Georeferenced Raster Format (JPG ou TIF)

    • Raster Geological Cartography 1/25 000 – cost/Km2
      • Unpublished non-georeferenced cartography made available in raster (A≤5 km2): 15.00€
      • Unpublished non-georeferenced cartography made available in raster (A>5 km2): 10.00€
      • Face-to-face consultation / hour***: 6.00€

* Minimum area to be acquired – 40 km2.
** Minimum area to be acquired – 10 km2.
*** If digital cartography is purchased, the amount charged will be deducted.

Budget preparation: 80.00€, to be deducted from the total order value.

The indicated price include VAT at legal rate in force, 23%.
In case of sendind by post, the respective postage must be included.

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To order

To order, to request a quote and/or information, please use the contact form.

The essential data to client applications are:

  • Name;
  • Indicate the sheet and/or area, and the desired format;
  • Postal address (for mailing);
  • Email address (email for contact and sending by email) ;
  • VAT identification number (for billing).

Shipping Method

  • By email;
  • By mail. In this case to the price quoted will be added the respective shipping charges.

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