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Tomo 99, Fasc. 1 (2012)

Tomo 99, Fasc. 1 (2012)Category: Publications, Comunicações Geológicas, 2010 to 2019
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1. Geotermómetro de Ga/Ge em Esfalerite – Aplicação ao Jazigo do Braçal
C. Marques de Sá & F. Noronha

2. Bennettitales, Erdtmanithecales e Gnetales do Cretácico Inferior da Bacia Lusitânica (litoral Centro–Oeste de Portugal): síntese e enquadramento estratigráfico
M.M. Mendes, J.L. Dinis, A.C. Balbino & J. Pais

3. Contaminação de água subterrânea por substâncias de limpeza da neve em estradas: o caso do sector de Nave de Santo António – Covão do Curral (Serra da Estrela, Centro de Portugal)
A. Carvalho, J. Espinha Marques, J.M. Marques, P.M. Carreira, R. Moura, A. Guerner Dias, H.I. Chaminé, F. Rocha, R. Saraiva, M. Tavares & C. Mansilha

4. Statistical modelling of suspended sediment transport in the Cherf drainage basin, Algeria
K. Khanchoul, Z.A. Boukhrissa & H. Majour

5. Bank erosion of the Brahmaputra River and neotectonic activity around Rohmoria Assam, India
J.N. Sarma & S. Acharjee

6. Mineralogy of an oxidized marine hydrothermal deposit on Santorini Island, Greece
E. Murad

7. Effect of water yield and rock thermal conductivities on TRT results
H.T. Liebel, J. de Beer, B.S. Frengstad, R. Kalskin Ramstad & B. Brattli

8. Source Rock, Maturation and Hydrocarbon Potential of Block 18, Republic of Yemen
A.S. Alaug, A.F. Ahmed & B. Bruns

9. The geological basis for developing concepts for disposal of highly radioactive waste (HLW) in crystalline rock – a state-of-art compilation
R. Pusch

10. Erosional surface at the Middle-Upper Callovian (Middle Jurassic) transition in the Greater Caucasus Basin (northern Neo-Tethys) and tracing its presence in Western Europe, North Africa, and Arabia: the influence of regional tectonics
D.A. Ruban


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