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alarmPublication date: 14 November, 2022

linkWebsite: https://ageoatlantic.eu/

Platform for Atlantic Geohazard Risk Management

The Platform for Atlantic Geohazard Risk Management (AGEO) is a project which aims to launch several Citizens’ Observatory pilots on geohazards according to regional priorities. The Atlantic region is exposed to a range of low-probability/high-impact events and various hazard risk scenarios, which, due to the low likelihood of occurrence and/or the high cost of mitigating action, lack the level of preparedness for effective monitoring and response.

AGEO aims to pilot a new form of engagement between civil society and local authorities for geohazards – related local capacity building and encourage the local use of innovative Earth observation products and services provided by European data infrastructures, in particular Copernicus. The project will foster a more efficient uptake of Copernicus data, products and services on regional level. AGEO will engage with local communities to actively participate in risk preparedness and monitoring and incorporate local capacities into risk management systems.

Experiences gained during the implementation of the Citizens’ Observatory pilots will be used to formulate recommendations for the creation of future observatories in response to the widest range of hazards (both natural and human-induced) in the Atlantic region.

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