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ALGAVALORalarmPublication date: 09 July, 2020

MicroALGAe: integrated production and upVALORization of the biomass and different applications

The ALGAVALOR project’s overall objective is the integrated production of microalgae and the upvaluation of its biomass and extracts over different applications, with the development and launch of new products in the markets for food, animal nutrition, cosmetology and bio-fertilizers. For this, new production processes with increased sustainability are proposed. This overall objective can be divided into a set of specific objectives, each one achieved in a specific subproject (SP):

  • upvaluation of microalgae for human feeding (SP1);
  • upvaluation of microalgae for animal feeding (SP2);
  • upvaluation of microalgae for natural cosmetics (SP3);
  • optimization of processes and proof of the sector’s sustainability based on the scale-up DEMO in “new generation” open reactors (SP4);
  • development of agricultural bio-fertilizers from microalgae and utilization of agroindustrial residues as inputs for “organic microalgae” in a circular economy logic (SP5);
  • lastly, it is intended that the ALGAVALOR project has a wide multisectorial impact, nationally and internationally, in the various pathways to be tested (SP6).

The ALGAVALOR project will develop R&I around microalgae applications (fresh paste, powder, and/or extracts) generating new products rich in biomass and/or microalgal extracts, while having as partners key end-users in target markets: human and animal feeding, and cosmetics. Processes will also be optimized, including the scale-up of the production unit with last generation raceways and the development of “organic” growth media at low cost.

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