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alarmPublication date: 17 April, 2020

linkWebsite: https://aureole.brgm.fr/page/project-aureole-oct-2019-mar-2023

Producing 3D predictive modelling of Sb,Hg ore deposits locations and their subsequent environmental impacts

Antimony (Sb) represents a critical metal for EU, as the world production is dominated by China (~87 %). The classical co-products from Sb-deposits are other highly strategic metal such as tungsten (W) and precious  metals like gold (Au) and silver (Ag). Nevertheless, Sb is also frequently associated with mercury (Hg) and arsenic (As), which represent a high health human risk in the EU.

The AUREOLE project is a multidisciplinary crossdisciplinary approach to unlock knowledge of primary resources & environmental risks associated with antimony mineralisation.


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