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alarmLast updated:11 October, 2019

Melhorar o controlo biológico de processos industriais de produção de bioetanol usando armas da própria Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The project BIOCONTROL aims to develop industrial Saccharomyces strains genetically manipulated to over-express the natural biocide saccharomycin that was recently discovered and partially characterized by members of the research team of this project. This biocide is naturally excreted by S. cerevisiae strains and exhibits strong antimicrobial activity against the main contaminants of industrial bioethanol fermentation processes, such as lactic acid bacteria and Brettanomyces bruxellensis strains. The ability of the genetic manipulated strains to improve the biological control of 2G and/or 1G bioethanol production processes will be assessed during alcoholic fermentations performed with industrial (e.g. recycled paper sludge) and/or agroforest residues (carob pulp). These residues will be also evaluated as low-cost cultivation media to produce saccharomycin in large scale, using a biorefinery perspective that optimises all the value-chain that this new bioproduct may generate.

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