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(De)Construct for Circular Economy

(De)Construct for Circular Economy
alarmPublication date: 09 November, 2022

linkWebsite: https://desconstruir.pt/

The main objective of the (De)construct for the Circular Economy project is to promote a regional strategy for the reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW), preventing them from turning into waste, and thus reducing the environmental impact of construction and promoting its circularity.

LNEG’s role in this project was mainly to develop a pre-demolition audit guide, a model passport of materials for buildings and mathematical models for the location of collection and sorting centers and CDW, in order to increase the reuse and/or recycling.


Modelo de passaportes de materiais de construção

Passaporte de materiais – Manual de instruções (PT)

Passporte de materiais – Modelo (PT)

Material passport – Instructions manual (EN)

Material passport – Model (EN)

Guia de auditorias de pré-demolição

Guia de Auditorias de Pré-demolição Manual (PT)

Guia de Auditorias de Pré-demolição (PT)

Pre-demolition Audits Guide Manual (EN)

Pre-demolition Audits Guide (EN)

Modelo matemático de otimização

(De)construct Mathematical Model A5.1 and A5.2 Final Report

(De)construct Mathematical Model A5.3 Final Report

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