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alarmPublication date: 26 May, 2019

linkWebsite: http://www.eduzwace.eu/

Education for zero waste and circular economy

The transition to Circular Economy (CE) is an essential contribution to the EU efforts of developing a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy. Such a transition represents the opportunity to transform our economy, generate green jobs and build up sustainable competitive advantages for Europe. In Europe, we are using per person 16 t/a (tons per year) of material, of which 5 t/a become waste. Although waste management continues to improve, the EU economy still loses a significant fraction of potential ‘secondary raw materials’ in waste streams. The CE package, adopted by the Commission in 2015, has created an important momentum to support the transition towards a more CE in the EU. The transition to CE may only be successful if the required awareness, competences and skills are deeply embedded in the knowledge and daily routine of EU professionals and companies and from this perspective VET education for ZW&CE is critical.

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