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FIRElinkWebsite: https://fire.segal.ubi.pt/
alarmLast updated:27 March, 2020

Fogo Island volcano: multi disciplinary Research on 2014 Eruption

The data collected during the most recent eruption of the Fogo volcano (started on Nov 23, 2014), by the participant institutions, offer an unique opportunity  to improve the scientific knowledge targeting volcanic hazard assessment in the island and recommend on risk mitigation strategies.

Project FIRE benefits for the multidisciplinary nature of C4G, constituting a rare opportunity to conduct volcanic hazard assessment with a very high interdisciplinary level. In addition, Project FIRE provides  the conditions for knowledge exchange with several stakeholders related to volcanic risk management in Cape Verde.

Three key results are expected from project FIRE, resulting from the transversal interaction of the project’s tasks:

  1. To improve the scientific knowledge of the structure of the Fogo Volcano,
  2. To improve the understanding of the eruptive dynamics of the Fogo Volcano;
  3. To assess the hazard associated with lava flow as well as ash and gas emissions in Chã das Caldeiras, thus facilitating risk mitigation through adequate land use planning.

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