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Katch_elinkWebsite: http://www.katche.eu/
alarmLast updated:09/11/2022

Knowledge Alliance on Product-Service Development towards Circular Economy and Sustainability in Higher Education

KATCH_e is a knowledge alliance between higher education, companies and research centres to promote the development of skills in the field of product and service design for the circular economy and sustainability, with a special focus on the construction and furniture sectors. KATCH_e thus contributes to the innovation of the higher education system and trains companies in business strategies and product design according to principles of circularity and sustainability.

With a consortium of 11 partners from 4 countries and led by LNEG, the main results are:

  • Curriculum for a course on circular design of products and services, which can be adopted by higher education institutions
  • Eight training modules, which can be used as stand-alone training elements in academic and business environments
  • Seven tools that support the practical implementation of CE
  • A 10-hour online course covering the resources developed


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