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alarmPublication date: 26 May, 2019

linkWebsite: http://localenergy.lneg.pt/

The energy transition to decarbonised energy systems implies a continuous innovation in materials and in low-carbon energy technologies. LocalEnergy is in line with this strategy by addressing the development and exploitation of environmental-friendly and scalable low-cost technologies related to energy conversion.

The main goal of LocalEnergy is the valorisation of endogenous resources (solar and mineral) through the development of energy-harvesting applications based on the tetrahedrite mineral, which offers a high exploitation potential: Portugal has a high level of solar energy irradiation (Fig. 1) and has one of the most important volcanogenic massive sulphide districts in the world, the Iberian Pyrite Belt, where tetrahedrite mineral series is one of the constituents (Fig. 2). Tetrahedrite is a class of copper antimony sulfosalt mineral (Cu12-xMxSb4S13, x less or equal to 2), i.e., consisting of earth-abundant and relatively non-toxic elements, thus opening new opportunities for renewable energy applications.

LocalEnergy is focused on the material research and development for thermoelectric (TE) and solar energy harvesting.

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