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alarmPublication date: 20 December, 2021

Move2LowC – Bio-Based Fuels

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Under this project, and as a way to meet the challenge of decarbonisation, biojetfuel will be produced for the aviation sector in two ways: (1) from the autotrophic production of microalgae, which are then subjected to a hydrothermal liquefaction process producing a bio-oil that is converted into hydrocarbons through hydrodeoxygenation, giving rise to biojetfuel; and (2) through the industrial production of biojetfuel from microbial oils produced by heterotrophic fermentation of hydrolysates from residual biomass of forestry nature. These two biofuel production methods will be the subject of PPSs 1 and 2. At road transport level, the focus will be on hydrogen-based biofuels (BioH2) and biomethane (BioCH4), these being the objects of research and innovation of PPS3 and PPS4, respectively. BioH2 and BioCH4 can be produced in a variety of ways, but both molecules participate in the production of one and the other. BioH2 can be produced from BioCH4 by steam reforming and water gas shift, with part of the BioCH4 being used to power the production system. On the other hand, BioCH4 can be recovered from landfills, but also produced by “methanation” from the recovery of biogenic or non-biogenic CO2 and sustainable H2 produced by water electrolysis using solar or wind electricity.

Project duration: 28/10/2020-30/06/2023; Co-funded by: Programas Mobilizadores (Aviso 14/SI/2019)

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