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MULTI-STR3AMlinkWebsite: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/887227
alarmLast updated:05 March, 2021

MULTI-STR3AM – A sustainable multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product microalgae biorefinery integrating industrial side streams to create high-value products for food, feed and fragrance.

Microalgae have a vast biosynthetic potential and are a rich source of high added value products, such as pigments. MULTI-STR3AM aims at scaling up and lowering costs, and increasing sustainability, providing valuable products for large end users in the food, feed and fragrance sectors, through: i) constant improvement of strains through non-GM methods, to increase their productivity and meet end user needs; ii) design and engineering improvements to cultivation and harvesting technologies to reduce CAPEX and OPEX of biomass production; iii) exploitation of industrial and own side streams during cultivation in a circular economy design; iv) synergistic integration of different technologies in a multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product biorefinery (‘MULTI-biorefinery’); and v) valorisation of every fraction of the microalgal biomass in a zero waste approach.

Project duration: 01/05/2020-30/04/2023

Co-funded by:

Logos BBI-JUBio-based Industries Consortium e Horizon2020

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