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nZEB Ready

nZEB Ready
alarmPublication date: 13 October, 2022

linkWebsite: https://nzebready.eu/

Enhancing Market Readiness for nZEB implementation

Although legal obligations are provided at National level by transposing the provisions of the 2010/31/EU Directive, the Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) concept does not seem to be easily applicable yet in many countries. Previous research showed that defining the cost-feasible optimal integration of the technologies suitable for nZEB and the skills gaps experienced by the building sector are among the most important barriers. Current qualification courses and training schemes are still not satisfactory and underdeveloped to face the challenge of effective nZEB implementation, while the recourse to skilled professionals for renovations and new constructions of buildings is not usual practice. Despite strong political push towards nZEB and deep energy renovation, the traditionally conservative real estate market is still slow in the uptake of the new building standards and practices, especially in the residential sector.

To respond to the challenge and use the emerging opportunities, the nZEB Ready project aims to act at market level to stimulate the demand for energy-related skills of construction workers and specialists in the involved countries and beyond and to increase the market readiness for an effective nZEB implementation:

(1) by addressing the key identified barriers of nZEB implementation in focused markets,

(2) by supporting the enhancement of skills framework by new market driven mutual recognition training and certification scheme for nZEB deployment that will facilitate the necessary legislative changes and

(3) through development and communication of toolboxes, tailored guidance and practical support to engage homeowners and public authorities to reach the nZEB benefits. The project will address the challenges in Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Poland, and Romania in order to exploit synergies related to common climatic zones, traditions and opportunities to use the benefit of a larger and easily accessible regional market.

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nZEB Ready is funding by H2020

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